Springwater Corridor

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Portland Parks and Recreation
18.69 miles
SE Ivon St in Portland to Boring, OR
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The Springwater Corridor is the major southeast segment of the 40-Mile Loop which was inspired by the 1903 Olmsted plan of a parkway and boulevard loop to connect park sites. The eventual developed trail will be over 21 miles long.

The route is a scenic one, encompassing wetlands, buttes, agricultural fields and pastures, residential and industrial neighborhoods. The Springwater Corridor is a multi-use trail. The paved surface is generally 10-12 feet wide with soft shoulders. The hard surface trail is designed to accommodate walkers, joggers, hikers, bicycles, wheelchairs, and strollers. Equestrian use is more common east of I-205 where a separate soft surface path meanders away from the main trail where topography allows.

Parks along the trail provide ample opportunites for a picnic and to stop and see wildlife — inlcuding the Eastbank Esplanade, Oaks Bottom Wildlife RefugeSellwood Riverfront Park, Tideman-Johnson Natural Area, Leach Botanical GardenBeggars-Tick Wildlife Refuge, Powell Butte Nature Park, Butler Creek Greenway, and Main City Park.

Common species found along the corridor include crow, robin, starling, song sparrow, Bewick's wren, house finch, cedar waxwing, violet-green swallow, belted kingfisher, great blue heron, mallard, wood duck, bushtit, black-capped chickadee, raccoon, opossum, nutria, and mole species. Less developed areas support greater diversity, including black-tailed deer, coyote, deer mouse, vole, bat, western fly-catcher, black-headed grosbeak, orange-crowned warbler, common merganser, and woodpecker.

Johnson Creek and the Springwater Corridor are intertwined, with at least 10 trail bridges over the creek. Connect with the Johnson Creek Watershed Council to learn about opportunities to explore the creek and get involved with habitat restoration.

The Springwater Corridor is in the Johnson Creek Watershed
Walkers on the Springwater near Tideman Johnson Park
Adventures containing this trail: 

Adventures Containing this trail:

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