Macleay Park Trails

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Portland Parks and Recreation
2.88 miles
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The soft-surface trail at Macleay park is fairly flat, but can be rocky and undulating as you hike further toward the upper portion of the park.

This trail conects to the much longer Wildwood Trail and is one of the most popular gateways into Forest Park.

Hiking Lower Macleay Park to Upper Macleay Park makes a highly rewarding afternoon getaway in the city.

The beginning of the trail at the lower portion of the park
Trilliums along the trail
The trail connects to Forest Park's Wildwood Trail
A map of the Wildwood Trail along the path
The trail at the upper portion of Macleay Park is simply magnificent
Adventures containing this trail: 

Adventures Containing this trail:

Rambling the Balch Creek Canyon

Come along on a journey up the Balch Creek Canyon from Lower Macleay Park to the Audubon Society Wildlife Sanctuary.

Parks Containing this trail:

Macleay Park

A popular trailhead to Forest Park, Macleay Park features trails that connect to the Wildwood TrailThe Audubon Society Sanctuary and Washington Park.

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