Mt Talbert Nature Park

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North Clackamas Parks & Recreation District
10695 SE Mather Rd, Clackamas, OR 97015
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Stretching from Portland’s Rocky Butte southward to the Clackamas River, a group of extinct volcanoes and lava domes lend unique geographic character to the region’s east side, providing important wildlife habitat and panoramic vistas. Mount Talbert is the largest of these undeveloped buttes in northern Clackamas County.

The nature park includes the top of the former lava dome as well as the west facing slopes visible to the tens of thousands of people that travel I-205 every day or shop at the Clackamas Town Center. The park offers over 4 miles of new hiking trails, picnic shelters, and restrooms. 

Mount Talbert Nature Park is one of three large nature parks protected, restored and opened by Metro's Natural Areas Program. Interpretive signs provide information about the plants and animals that can be seen – and heard – at Mount Talbert. Residents and visitors include deer, coyotes, raccoons, Western gray squirrel, rubber boa, pileated and hairy woodpeckers, white-breasted nuthatch and Western tanager.

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Mt Talbert Nature Park
Mt Talbert Nature Park
Mt Talbert Nature Park
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