Our Region Is A Unique Place

From the heights of the east buttes in Gresham to the tributaries of the Tualatin River, we cherish the remarkably beautiful and diverse natural landscape around which we’ve built our communities. The history of our region is intricately linked to the Columbia and Willamette rivers, the Douglas fir forests, and the volcanic foothills in which fish, wildlife, and plants have made their home for thousands of years. This unique location greatly contributes to the quality of life of  the residents of the region and we must continue to invest in protecting our surrounding nature for future generations.

The Intertwine Alliance is a broad coalition of government agencies, nonprofit organizations and private businesses who are united in their interest to develop a world-class network of parks and trails throughout the Portland-Vancouver metropolitan region.  The Intertwine partners understand the need to connect people of all walks of life to easily accessible natural areas and  they are working together to ensure the continued preservation of the open spaces in our backyard.

This series of stories about the Intertwine demonstrates the positive impact investment in our region’s parks and trails system will have on our everyday quality of life. They highlight the ways in which The Intertwine partners are working together to implement their common vision of a healthy, sustainable, economically vibrant, and more verdant region.

This seven-minute video captures the spirit of collaboration and creative thinking that defines the work of The Intertwine Alliance. Collaborative Design students at the Pacific Northwest College of Art produced it after taking a course about the state of the region. The video highlights how our neighborhoods, towns and cities are closely connected to nature.