The Intertwine Alliance

Creating A Movement for Parks, Trails and Natural Areas

A few years ago, we realized that all of our greatest achievements had one thing in common. Whether launching a natural area acquisition initiative, completing a new trail, or opening a major new park, behind every major success stood a coalition of public, private and nonprofit organizations and leaders. So, we thought, rather than put this coalition together each time we want to do something big, why not put it together and keep it together and keep doing big things?

The Intertwine Alliance uses a "collective impact" approach, a model that is emerging worldwide as best practice when addressing large-scale social and environmental challenges. 

So that’s what we’ve done.

The Intertwine Alliance is a coalition of private firms, public agencies and nonprofit organizations working together to tap new sources of funding, better leverage existing investments, and more fully engage residents with the outdoors and nature. The Intertwine Alliance uses a collective impact approach to its work. Collective impact is the commitment of a coalition of organizations from different sectors to a common agenda for addressing a complex social or environmental challenge. 

The Alliance was built over many years, but was formally launched as a nonprofit in July 2011 with 28 partners. Today, we have more than 100 formal partners. 

The Alliance exists to ensure the region’s trail network gets completed; that our natural areas get restored, and that people of all ages discover they can enjoy the outdoors near where they live. We exist to make our region more attractive to new businesses and to help our existing companies attract talent. We’re here to reduce utility and transportation costs and keep our water clean. Finally, we’re here to help our partner organizations build their capacity and become more successful.  

You can learn about our activities here, find out more about our history, and we hope if you haven't done so yet, that you will join The Alliance and help us build a movement for parks, trails and natural areas in the Portland - Vancouver region!